WATCH: Liberal New Yorkers Raising Cain Over Diversification Of Their Schools

The vast majority of people living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan have four things in common. Most of them are white, they are adherents to the liberal point of view, they think Republicans are racists and they don’t want their kids going to school with black children. In fact when they were first told of the plan to bus in black children they almost lost their minds. The meeting was recorded and the video is visible on in the story.

The school had decided that the racial make up the school didn’t reflect the general population of New York and so to address the problem they plan on bringing black children to the school to make it more equal. Isn’t it funny how it’s always the liberals who don’t want black children to have the same advantage that their children have?

These same parents will be standing outside the Trump Tower carrying signs declaring that President Trump is a racist and not one of them will see the irony in it.

I think both the black and the white parents could have a legitimate beef. Will the teachers slow down their teaching so that the black children get a chance to learn the material? If they do, the white parents could have a legitimate beef, But if the teacher goes full bore straight ahead, then the black children could be at a severe handicap in trying to catch up on the material. In that case, the black parents would have a legitimate complaint.

Here is some simple truth for you. Black children are disadvantaged in school and the blame falls squarely on the head of the white liberal school administrators who allow the union to control where teachers teach. Teachers get to pick their assignments by seniority. Very few experienced teachers want to work in an inner-city school, subsequently, the inner city schools get the first year teachers and the ones with the least experience when they really need experienced teachers who can show them how to learn. That is grossly unfair.

From Raw Story

“You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off, and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted,” one angry woman said during the meeting. “You’re telling them that you’re not going to go to a school that’s going to educate them the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks!”

Kristen Burger, an elected member of the Upper West Side Parent Council, tells NY 1 that the plan is intended to address diversity problems in the area’s middle schools, which she describes as “very segregated.”

And NY-1’s video shows middle school principal Henry Zymeck telling many of the parents that he feels hurt by some of their comments.