University Of Manitoba Releases Op Ed: “It’s Not OK To Be White”


A student by the name of  

From The Gateway Pundit

“It’s Not Ok To Be White,” where the author, , claims “The white race is not founded in biology” but Rather, white identity is exclusively used as a means of obtaining an advantage over another group.” Singleton cites a “white studies historian,” David Roediger, who says “It is not merely that whiteness is oppressive and false; it is that whiteness is nothing but oppressive and false.”

It’s only racist when white people promote themselves and not racist when others do because “Those who defend advancing white interests point to people of colour who have organized politically to advance their identity’s interests. When people of colour have propagated their identity interests, it is always done to achieve economic and social liberation on par with white people. When Black people organized Black Lives Matter, whether in Toronto or Baltimore, it was to achieve the same treatment by the police and the state that white people receive.

In response, the white identitarians proclaimed “All Lives Matter.” They rejected the call for equality by denying the specificity of the issue. It was a cloaked slogan to enshrine the status quo. It was whiteness in action.”

Singleton refers to literally communist activists as proud “race traitors” and encourages white people to “betray their race” because white people are evidently responsible for “wage labour slavery.”

He goes on to say “Whiteness is maintained partly by white people’s apathy toward the destructive force of whiteness. Often, it almost seems as though the bulk of white people are entirely unaware of their racial interests — although they are universally and perpetually asserted. But white people erupt the moment white identity is challenged.”

Singleton praises the violence of antifa with “Today the modern John Browns are antifa who seek to violently confront those who most explicitly articulate white dominance through capitalism and governmental policies. The current debate among white liberals is who is worse, the anti-fascists or the merchants of white pride. In constructing an equivalence between the two, these white liberals attempt to point to a middle road as the way forward. This road is also known as the status quo.”