Tucker Carlson Takes A Stand For American-Born Minorities

During a segment of his show this week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid out how affirmative action policies in America are hurting American-born minorities as it’s now primarily benefitting foreign-born students.

“When skin color becomes a criterion for admission, some people lose. But who exactly wins?” he said. “We know who’s supposed to benefit. Affirmative action was designed to level the playing field for Americans whose ancestors had been discriminated against, primarily this meant black applicants.”

“Yet fifty years after affirmative action began, the percentage of African Americans at many elite colleges appears to be dropping, even as schools boast about being more diverse. How is this happening? Simple. Foreigners are taking their place.”

“Under the rules of race-conscious admissions, the son of a Nigerian tycoon meets the same standards, and checks the same box, as the son of a single mother from the South Side of Chicago,” he continued. “Both are black, so for the purposes of diversity goals, they’re the exactly same. But in fact they’re not the same at all. One is poor, American and descended from people brought to this country by force. You’d probably want to help that kid.”

“The other is a rich foreigner, well connected, and far more likely to have attended a selective private school. He doesn’t need help. Yet who’s got a better chance of leveraging diversity standards to get into Harvard?”

“This is the opposite of what affirmative action was designed to do,” he explained. “Yet over time the definition of who is eligible for affirmative action has expanded even further, moving farther away from where it began.”

“In many places, illegal aliens now qualify for lower admissions standards. Universally, identifying as Hispanic rather than white gives applicants the equivalent of 130 points on the SAT. This is a huge advantage for newly arrived immigrants over native-born Americans.”

“Americans lose in this arrangement. African Americans get shafted completely, in favor of foreigners with no connection to this country or its history. Yet few complain because almost nobody really understands what’s happening. That’s why the admissions process is secret. So you won’t challenge it.