Thousands of Caravan Migrants Line Up For Food Where Are The Women and Children?

The media is constantly telling us that the majority of caravan members are women and children, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Here is one more bit of evidence that the media is spreading fake news.

There is a picture of a line of migrants waiting to get food and there isn’t a woman or child in sight. The migrants normally put the women and children in front to further the liberal media’s narrative, but evidently not when it comes time to eat. A free press might be necessary, but a sneaking, lying media is not. We need a law whereby a license can be pulled for continually printing fake news and ignoring news that doesn’t fit their narrative.

From The Gateway Pundit

The migrant caravan from Honduras has been infiltrated by people from Bangladesh, Haiti, Congo and Sri Lanka, according to embedded reporters.

Thousands of military-aged, virile mostly Honduran males breached the Guatemala border gate over the weekend and stormed the Mexican border bridge; Mexican authorities ultimately let the caravan through.

A second caravan of 2,000 migrants formed on Sunday and started marching to Guatemala with a plan to reach the U.S. as their final destination.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Spanish language reporter who has spent weeks embedded with the migrant caravan said in a Friday report that people from Bangladesh had joined the mass of people trying to cross from Guatemala into Mexico.

The Bangladeshis, he said, were detained in an immigration facility, though it’s not clear what happened to them after their detention.