The Social Justice Warriors of Antifa Beat the Crap Out of Man

Antifa is a funny domestic terrorist group. They claim to be anti-fascist and then demonize anyone who opposes them just like fascists do. They claim to be anti-white supremacists but they look awfully pale to me.

They claim to be anti-Nazi but then they beat up a man for being a Jew. Does anyone else see a pattern here? I certainly do. Antifa was in Philadelphia as the Proud Boys were supposed to have a protest, but only about thirty people showed up. Antifa passed up the Proud Boys when they saw a Jew and attacked him instead. You didn’t read about this?

That’s because you would have to subscribe to The Times of Israel, as no US paper covered the story.

The Times of Israel reported:

A Jewish man was attacked Saturday by left-wing protesters in Philadelphia who suspected him of being part of a small far-right rally, according to activists at the scene.

The man, identified only as “Zachary” after asking that his name be withheld, had wandered across a tiny conservative rally of some 30 activists and a counter-protest of several hundred left-wing activists across a police cordon in Philadelphia’s Independence Mall, site of the city’s iconic Liberty Bell and outside the building where the American Declaration of Independence was signed.

The far-right rally, dubbed the “We the People” gathering, was organized by the Proud Boys activist group. The rally was smaller than expected. As one counter-protester, New Yorker Michael Bartolone, who had traveled to Philadelphia to take part in the counter-protest, complained to the Washington Post, “I kind of wonder if they were just screwing with us, that they made some event to get other people to waste their day.”

But despite the low numbers, tensions were high between the groups, and hundreds of police officers were deployed to separate the sides.

According to local news outlet Billy Penn, it was in the middle of that tense standoff that 34-year-old Jewish resident Zachary was mistakenly identified by some counter-protesters as a Proud Boy, and was attacked by several people who were present.