The French Riot Over Seven Dollar Per Gallon Gas to Cut Emissions

Currently, gas by my house is selling for $2.06 a gallon. In France, thanks to their president, Emmanuel Macron, they are now paying just a tad over seven dollars a gallon for gas.

The price has shot up nearly 25% over the last two or three months to pay for the country’s inclusion in the Paris Climate Accord and appease the environmental wackos. The elite can afford those prices but not the average French citizen. And under the new tax, the burden will get heavier every year. Not surprisingly, the French have taken to the streets and are calling for Macron to resign.

They have also started fires and just, in general, are causing civil disturbances.

From The Gateway Pundit

The protests in France are directed at their leader Macron. The reason the French are upset is because Macron implemented a fuel tax on the working class in France so the country can meet targets for the Paris Climate Accord.

Kate Hopkins from the UK is reporting that the French people are very upset about having to pay increased taxes on fuel so France can meet its targets for the Paris Climate Accord and impress the Parisian bourgeoisie.


Rocks and bottles were thrown at police, fires set and protesters set up barricades along the Champs Elysees, in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, causing tourists to flee.

The unrest comes after 10 days of protests and riots across France which have already left two people dead and more than 600 injured.

Dozens of police have also been injured, mainly heading off an attempt by protesters last weekend to storm the Elysee Palace, the official residence of French president Emmanuel Macron.