South Dakota Working on a Bill That Prohibits a Transgender Girl or Woman From Competing in Women’s Sports

The South Dakota legislature is working on a bill that will only allow transgenders to compete in their biological gender group and will block transgender women from competing unfairly against biological women.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association ruled in 2015 that transgenders could compete in the sport with the gender they identify with. The bill was introduced by Republicans Senator Jim Bolin (Canton) and Representative Thomas Brunner (Nisland). All across America, transgender women are easily winning in the sports they compete in.

It is extremely unfair for girls to work so hard only to go down in defeat against a biological male.

From Breitbart News

Sen. Bolin, a former Canton mayor and athletic director of the Canton Public Schools, said his goal was to emulate recent rules in Texas.

“I just firmly believe that those who are males should play in sports designated for males and those who are females … should play in sports designated for females, according to your birth certificate. It’s about fair competition, and we’re not breaking any new ground.” the sen. said, “This has nothing to do with bathrooms, locker rooms or shower rooms. This has only to do with the eligibility for athletic competition.”

Transgender “girls” competing against natural-born girls is an especially thorny issue that has riled schools across the country.

In Texas, for instance, Mack Beggs, a student from Euless, Texas, claims to be transitioning from male to female but has been allowed to compete against girls in school wrestling. Perhaps unsurprisingly, and to much criticism, Beggs has easily defeated every female competitor met on the mats.

In another case, a student born a male assuming the identity of a girl has beaten all female contestants in Track & Field competitions in Alaska. And in another incident, a student born male but claiming to be female has consistently beaten all female contestants in track events in a Connecticut high school district.