Press Members Targeted During White-led BLM March

Hundreds of people marched on behalf of Black Lives Matter march in Charlottesville on Saturday. The vast majority of the marchers were white. During the march, the NBC was under constant harassment and the protesters tried to wrest cameras from the media.

Ironically, the press has been harping on violence towards the press from Trump supporters, but there has never been a single violent act perpetrated by Trump supporters. On the other hand, the press is constantly under attack by leftists, but you would never know that from their coverage.  The all white BLM marchers also attacked a policeman, who had to be rescued by his fellow officers.

“Crowd size and scuffle on Water Street with Police no idea what happened”

From The Gateway Pundit

NBC reporter Cal Perry was repeatedly attacked by protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday night while covering a Black Lives Matter protest marking the one year anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally.

Perry posted several video clips to Twitter that showed liberal protesters cursing and attacking him several times while he filmed the protest. Perry wrote that protesters were trying to grab media cameras.

The attacks by liberals on a national network reporter covering the news come as the media is campaigning against President Donald Trump and his supporters accusing them of maybe, one day being violent with reporters when in fact no reporter has ever been attacked at a Trump rally by a Trump supporter.

It is liberals who have repeatedly attacked, beaten, robbed, even carjacked reporters for years at Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests. Yet there has never been a campaign by the media to demonize liberals for actually attacking reporters.

Where were the armed guards liberal news outlets are highlighting at conservative rallies?