Parkland Teacher Goes On Insane Rant Against Kyle Kashuv After School Ordered Him Not To

A teacher at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas  School went on a ten-minute rant against pro-gun student Kyle Kashuv in the middle of class after having been warned by the school not to. Greg Pittman had been using Twitter to bash the student and was called out on it by school officials.

That is direct insubordination and is grounds for dismissal. If the school refuses to deal with Pittman, Kashuv should lawyer up and sue the school and Pittman for defamation of character.

Twitter banned accounts and posts against David Hogg no matter how truthful they were as bullying. O fair enough, but isn’t what Pittman was doing bullying? His account is still active. I guess it’s only bullying if the person is a conservative but liberals can bully at will with the blessing of Twitter. That’s why I quit posting there.

“So… I just got a call from a friend of mine from @GregPittman1957‘s class and he apparently compared me to Hitler in class and said I am a piece of crap. The rant was about 10-minutes during class time and how he was right and I was wrong with my comments…”

He continued, “and that the school said he can’t Tweet at me anymore, yet… he did. Oh well. Guess he is a vile moron.”

A high school junior who wished to be nameless because of the fear of retaliation described Pittman saying that Kashuv is just like Hitler and other vile comments during the rambling 10-minute rant.

School Security grilled Kashuv over a trip to the gun range on his own time and then called the cowardly Broward County Sheriff to come in and pile on. It will be interesting to see if the school takes the same stance as an in-school incident.

A second student describes what happened :

I was in class on April 25th with Gregory Pittman and near the end of class the discussion led to Kyle Kashuv’s tweet about going to the gun range. Pittman expressed that he could not speak badly about Kyle because he was specifically told by administration not to. Pittman began talking about what an ass Kyle was and called him “the next Hitler” and said that he was “dangerous” and something needed to be done about him.

Expect the double standard to be in play here.