Obama’s “Spy-Professor” Revealed To Be Deep Into The Deep State – All Angles Disclosed!

Professor Joseph Mifsud, who disappeared after George Papadopoulos was charged with lying to the FBI has a colorful history and even though the FBI and the DOJ are insisting he is a Russian spy.

They worked closely with him for over ten years and more importantly, Mifsud says he is a member of the Clinton Foundation and his friends describe him as a Clintonista. He also worked for the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) whose top donor is the Soros Open Society Foundation. Does he sound like a Russian spy to you? He is the one who set up Papadopoulos by telling him that the Russians had Hillary’s emails. That information he passed on to another FBI spy Alexander Downing.

Real Clear Investigations reported: (Read the whole thing. It is very interesting and thorough.)

If Mifsud truly is a Russian agent – which is key to the collusion narrative – he could prove to be one of the most promiscuous spies in modern history. Western intelligence agencies and European politicians would have to spend the next few decades repairing the damage he did to global security by infiltrating key institutions and personnel. As of yet, however, there is no indication that any intelligence service has begun the embarrassing, but highly important, assessment of how it was penetrated and how it can re-fortify the vulnerabilities that Mifsud may have exposed. There has been no public effort to arrest him.

While most media accounts have simply repeated official claims that Mifsud is a sketchy character whose visits to Russia and academic contacts suggest he is working for Russian intelligence, a look at the available evidence challenges that narrative. It also raises the possibility that Mifsud, whose circles are tied to the Clintons, may, like another professor recently in the news, Stefan Halper, have actually been working for Western intelligence agencies…

…If they did know Mifsud and thought he was a Russian agent, why did the bureau continue to send agents to teach at Link, with which he had been affiliated for nearly a decade by the time of the Papadopoulos affair?

Both the bureau and the CIA were constant presences at the school; surely they’d run across Mifsud before.

According to Roh and Pastor’s book, however, he’s part of an international clique that identifies itself with the values and causes represented by the Clintons and their various enterprises.

Mifsud, they write, “was always a ‘Clintonist.’”

Mifsud said something similar in the interview he gave to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica shortly before he went into hiding. “The only foundation I am a member of,” he said, is “the Clinton Foundation.”

Mifsud was also a close friend of another spy, Stefan Halper.