NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Gets Respect From “Both Sides” During CNN Town Hall

National Rifle Association Spokeswoman Dana Loesch knocked it out of the park during a Town Hall put on by CNN, fielding questions from both sides of the aisle and no matter what side of the gun debate you’re on, one thing is clear… she did an AMAZING JOB!

She walked right into a crowd of people, many (perhaps most) of the people there were NOT on her side and she held it together.

Since then, the internet has exploded with mad props for the NURA spokeswoman.

“I have no love for the @NRA, but I have to respect @DLoesch for walking into a hostile crowd and fielding tough questions and hecklers better than most politicians do. I disagree with her on many issues, but I admire her professionalism.”

“. @DLoesch congratulations you remained poised and represented the NRA well in a very tough situation. I think you showed empathy & tried to correct misconceptions and educate. I hope 1 or 2 heard you.”

“Kudos to @DLoesch for her appearance tonight. She showed grace under fire and respectful restraint when fielding questions from an understandably emotional crowd. I’m proud to have her as my spokeswoman.”

@DLoesch we do not agree on almost everything, but you showing up was amazing! I really hope that other people follow your lead. Totally professional and respectful. I know it was hard, but I hope you were able to hear what they were trying to tell you. I know I heard you.”

@DLoesch you were great tonight in a very tough situation! Your composure and compassion were incredible! Thank you for showing up and standing up and trying to educate and inform in a civilized manner”

“Thank you @DLoesch for walking into a hostile environment in order to fight and defend for us all!

Here’s a piece from that Town Hall:

As you can see, she was really up against it with this crowd and man, she did one heck of a job handling them! I, too, applaud her!