National Guard Responds To Trump’s Call

In response to President Trump’s call for using the National Guard on the border, the state of Texas has already deployed Guards to the border and Arizona says they will deploy next week.

The new policy is being installed due to an increase in illegals trying to cross our borders and the threat of caravans bringing a thousand new illegals up from Central America.

This operation is going on just as AG Jeff Sessions is calling for the prosecution of first-time border crossers. Since President Trump took office, he and his administration have tried to make illegal immigration as unpopular as they could.

From The Gateway Pundit

KSDK reported:

Texas and Arizona officials are deploying a total of 400 troops to the Mexican border, just days after President Trump’s order aiming to stop illegal crossings and drug trafficking, they said Friday.

Texas, which has the longest border with Mexico, sent its first National Guard members Friday evening following a news conference where military officials detailed plans to send about 250 guardsmen to its 1,241-mile-long border within 72 hours. Arizona, whose border with Mexico spans about 375 miles, plans to send 150 troops by next week.

“Here’s memo signed by Defense Secretary Mattis activating National Guard for border states.”

“Our office is working closely with @AZNationalGuard, @DeptofDefense and @DHSgov on plans to deploy approximately 150 national guard members to the border next week”

“Joint statement from @SecNielsen and @DeptofDefense Secretary Mattis ”


From Fox News

The Texas National Guard said Friday that it plans to deploy 250 personnel to the border over the next 72 hours.

Earlier Friday, the Texas Military Department tweeted that the National Guard was prepping “to deploy to Texas – Mexico border.”

Along with Trump’s comments on Thursday, the president said he intended to “probably keep them or a large portion of them until the wall is built,” referring to the National Guard troops.

“We have to have strong borders. We’re going to have the wall,” Trump said. “We’ve started building and fixing miles and miles of wall that’s already up and fence and we’re gonna have our wall and we’re gonna get it very strongly and the military is going to be building some of it.”

On Wednesday, Trump signed a proclamation sending the guard to the border in an effort to stop what his administration called an “unacceptable” flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigrants.