The Latest Left Ploy For Slavery Reparations Will Seriously Make Your Blood Boil

Snowflake white liberals have found a new way to relieve their guilty consciences over their white privilege.

They can stop by a bar and drop off money that will be used to buy drinks for brown, black and indigenous Americans. I have a severe problem with this. The white man used to give the indigenous Americans fire water in order to make them easier to control. So for browns and blacks to participate would be cultural appropriation, would it not? That would not be politically correct, therefore I demand that they give their money to the Indians as reparations for cultural appropriation. That only seems fair, don’t you think?

The Oregonian reports:

It’s been four years since Ta-Nehisi Coates made an exhaustive case for reparations in the pages of The Atlantic.

And on Monday, white Portlanders who agree with the idea had the chance to kick in $10 and buy a drink for a neighbor of color. It was an event billed as a “reparations happy hour” by prominent local activist Cameron Whitten, 27, and hosted by Brown Hope, a nonprofit he co-founded.

The premise was simple: Black, brown and indigenous folks could show up and collect $10 at the door donated by their white neighbors. In total, 40 people attended Monday’s event.

“The best part for me was showing up like Portland Oprah and see their eyes light up when I handed them $10,” Whitten said. “Because it was about more than that.”
The reparations happy hour signified the transformation of an idea that progressive Portlanders support into something tangible for the city’s residents of color.

If this catches on they could pick a night in the middle of the week and declare it “Get a Brother Wasted Night.” Eventually, it could become a national holiday.

Let’s face it, this is a silly idea and it should die a quick death. It seems pretty demeaning to me.