Judge TS Ellis Has Become Robert Mueller’s Worst Nightmare

Robert Mueller is used to having his own way, no matter what laws he breaks or what ethics he breaches but last week he got a dose of reality when he went up against a judge that has his number, Federal Judge TS Ellis went from being critical to being angry as Mueller’s arrogant lawyers tried to explain the law to him. That’s when he laid down the law to them.

He told them that they do not have unfettered power no matter what Deep State operative Rod Rosenstein night have done to aid Mueller. Rosenstein authorized the raid on Paul Manafort’s home……….two weeks after the raid took place. he also authorized the illegal raid on the home, office and hotel room for lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Judge Ellis noted that not one charge against Manafort has anything to do with Russian collusion and had indeed been 10 years before Manafort joined the Trump campaign. There was an ongoing investigation of Manafort by the Justice Department that Mueller usurped in order to try to force Manafort to turn on President Trump. Judge Ellis then accused Mueller and his team of trying to use Manafort to get the president out of office. He then gave them just two weeks to provide him with an unredacted version of the letter laying out the scope of the witch hunt investigation.

From The Daily Caller

Dreeben said Mueller is following both the May and August 2017 orders from Rosenstein, who oversees Mueller. But Ellis shot back that the order he was given had 75 percent of the August memo was redacted.

“I have that right here, and I’m glad you raised it because 75 percent of it is blocked out, redacted. Why don’t I have a full copy it,” Ellis asked.

“The only paragraphs that are to Mr. Manafort are the ones that are pertinent are the ones contained
in this record,” Dreeben replied.

“Well, let me use a phrase that I’m fond of that I used to use with my children,” the judge said, dripping with sarcasm. “I can’t use it with my wife, but I’ll be the judge of whether it relates to the others.”

Oh, that’s going to leave a mark. To make matters worse, the judge could throw out the charges against Manafort with prejudiced that would also scuttle the DOJ investigation into Manafort as well as Mueller’s. Mueller and his team will be hauled back into court as soon as the judge has time to study Rosenstein’s orders to Mueller.

I don’t see that going well for Mueller.