Hogg May Need Higher Education With This Typo – States Higher Wages Would Lead To Gun Violence?

Evidently, CNN has quit writing David Hogg’s scripts for him. Perhaps they are angry about losing all those Publix donations to liberal causes. We now get to see him unscripted and it gives us a glimpse of why top colleges didn’t want him.

His latest screed is about higher minimum wages for young people, which he says gives them access to money with which to buy guns and ammunition with. Or, it is more likely that English was not one of his best classes in high school. His Twitter response to Carmine Sabia is incoherent and displays a disoriented mind.

“No one is more full of sh*t than David Hogg. WTF does a $15 an hour minimum wage, that he was promoting at a gay pride parade on Saturday, have to do with guns? Emma cares about guns. Hogg cares about making himself a star.”

“The $15 minimum wage is to help spur gun violence in lower income communities so kids don’t have to resort to crime to subsidize their income help raise their family. Right now it’s right around the anniversary Pulse nightclub”

From The Conservative Tribune

Okay, just to clear things up a little, Hogg apparently doesn’t understand that the word “spur” actually means to encourage something, like a rider trying to get a horse to run faster by hitting its sides with boot spurs. So what he’s saying in this tweet is that a $15 per-hour minimum wage would increase violence in inner city communities.

But maybe basic English wasn’t a requirement for budding young fascists strolling the halls of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

The tweet drew a hail of criticism and mockery from other Twitter users.

“This tweet is the exact reason you didn’t get into UCLA.”

“Spur doesn’t mean what you think it means…”

“So a $15/hr minimum wage will spur gun violence in poor neighborhoods. This is a profound statement. @davidhogg111 you should truly consider furthering your education since the public school system has obviously failed to help you at all.”

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand what young Mr. Hogg was saying because neither did he. I think what he really meant was that a $15 dollar minimum wage would discourage gun violence, which is usually uninsightful.