GOP Rep Has STELLAR Idea To Fund The Wall – This Just Might Work!

Rep Diane Black is proposing that we Crowdfund the border wall. I am not sure that we could raise the $25 billion dollars needed but I do think it would open a lot of eyes to see how many people are willing to reach in their pockets to build the wall.

It would make it extremely hard for liberals to continue to try to make the case that Americans don’t want the wall. It would also put pressure on House members, all of whom have to stand for reelection in 2018, both Democrats and RINOs. The bill would allow the Treasury to take in the donations for the wall that would not be able to be used with non-border security spending.

From The Daily Caller

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” Black spoke with Harris Faulkner about how the bill would allow those “who really want to see a secure border” to give to the trust and raise money for the security measure.

“What happened to Mexico paying for [the wall]?” Faulkner asked.

Black, who is running for governor in Tennessee responded, “I would like for Mexico to pay for that, and I’m not close enough to the administration to see what kind of pressure they’re putting on [the Mexican government].”

Black was asked if she thought Americans would contribute to the wall and she said that she was sure of it. (I will personally make at least one donation myself) I think she is right. It might not raise billions but it will raise millions.

Donald Trump, the candidate made the building of the wall a priority and has expressed that he is willing to allow the government to shut down if there is no funding for the wall. Liberals will likely test him on this but just before the election combined with the fact that poll after poll shows the border wall and immigration is the number one priority for the voters.

This is an idea whose time has come.