GOLD! See How These Folks React When They Think Obama SOTU Quotes Are Trump’s

Those wacky guys over at Campus Reform bring us yet more GOLD, tricking the ever-uninformed lefties.

This time, they took on an Obama SOTU address except claimed they were from President Donald Trump.

They took a trek over to John Jay College in New York City and talked to some students in the area who seriously disagreed and disapproved of the quotes they were given, with students calling it “warmongering”, “aggressive,” and “immature.”

Here are a few top-notch replies lol:

“Well, first off, ISIS is fake,” replied one man. “It’s something the government made up so they can continue doing what they want to do, which is world domination.”

“The way that he approaches things is very aggressive, and that’s not the best way to approach situations,” said another woman.

After the “big reveal” most of them, at least shown, seemed to back down from their semi-aggressive stance:

“Some people are quick to judge Donald Trump just because of a few things he’s said, but I think if they paid attention to his whole presidency, maybe they will have a better outlook on him and perspective in general,” added one thoughtful respondent.

It’s really par for the course when it comes to these left college kids, isn’t it? But I wonder, too, and I’m sure there’s video SOMEWHERE OUT THERE OF IT, of some more conservative-minded kids being asked upside-down stuff like this but based on my own experience at least most of them wouldn’t just “go with the flow” — no, most conservative-minded college kids I’ve met are more open-minded than these but they’re also quite outspoken… if Trump said or did something they didn’t agree with, they’d be among the first to let you know.

And therein lies the difference, but again in my experience. What do you think of this video and others like it? Let us know in the comments below.