Female Principle Blames MAGA Hat Wearers as the Source of All Evil… Well, It Did Get Her Fired

Sandy Creek High School principal Emily Wemmer scorched kids who wear MAGA hats and their parents as the source of everything that was wrong at her school. She later apologized and said that she was just trying to empower her female students.

I was in high school once and I can tell you that in a relationship, they already control all of the power. But, that is neither here nor there. The school board decided that they knew what was wrong with their school, too and the took a step at correcting the problem by firing Wemmer.

From The Conservative Tribune

“Wemmer also said the comments were private, but that her account had been hacked and the comments became public.”

And wouldn’t you know it, these were not the kinds of comments you wanted to see made public.

“This is a VERY traditional, conservative district,” one post read. “I have learned myself that men feel totally entitled to manhandle women whenever. Girls are also expected to be passive. If I don’t teach my girls anything else I hope that it is that they can live independently and choose if they want to be in a relationship or not. The mama bear comes out in me when I hear reports of abuse like I heard today.”

Another post claimed that “fathers of students will often try to intimidate me physically.”

“Even some male students will try the intimidation BS,” she said. And then she raised issues of sexism: “I’ve been asked if I’m a lesbian or married as if those are the only possibilities for a woman.”

And then came the Trump post, where she said, “it’s hard when you’re fighting against an intrenched conservative, MAGA hat-wearing culture.”

Who are more likely to victimize the girls at that high school? MAGA hat wearing boys or illegal aliens who come from rape cultured countries?