Democrats Run Afoul With Trump’s Demands Regarding The Iran Deal

The Democrats have criticized President Trump for pulling out of the ridiculously bad Iran deal. That includes Sen Chuck Schumer who opposed the deal right up until the moment Trump dumped on it.

Trying to figure out where Democrats stand on any issue is like trying to separate a fly from a trap. Their demands are really unnecessary though. President Trump will do all of those things because that is what a real president does. They do not lead from behind.

Here are the Democratic demands with my responses in red:

dismantles all types of WMD…Iran dismantled absolutely nothing

– disables the missile program…Iran has regularly tested ballistic missiles after promising they wouldn’t

– ends all uranium and plutonium enrichment…Iran continues to enrich plutonium

– “anywhere, anytime” inspections…We do not have that with Iran

– no sunsets…Iran deal has a sunset clause after which Iran can get nukes

– engage Congress throughout..Obama did not even ask the Senate for approval as the constitution demands

From Breitbart News

The Iran deal — from which the U.S. recently withdrew at President Trump’s direction — violated every single one of the Democrats’ conditions.

It did not dismantle Iran’s nuclear infrastructure; it merely slowed, but did not stop, Iran’s nuclear enrichment; it did nothing to stop Iran’s missile program; it did not allow inspectors to visit all relevant sites at will; it included sunset clauses; and it was approved by the United Nations Security Council before being presented to Congress as a fait accompli. Indeed, Obama never submitted the Iran deal to the Senate for ratification, and Democrcats filibustered a vote on approving the deal under the weak provisions of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which Menendez co-sponsored with Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN).

One of the big proponents of Obama’s failed Iran deal, Ben Rhodes said: “Ben Rhodes on MSNBC just said how important it is to make sure you get inspections in any nuclear deal …”

Why was this not important in the Iran deal? Because that was Obama and this is Trump.