Check out What These Undocumented People Were Busted Using

There were seven relatives or friends who tried to help Perez Arriaga escape into Mexico after he killed Officer Ronil Singh. A grand jury has handed down additional charges against the seven including using fake IDs and green cards so that they could work and stay in the country.

All seven will face deportment if found guilty of any of the felony charges. They will have to serve whatever prison time they are sentenced to. This shows us just how easy it is to be illegal and still be able to work. That’s why we need a standard E-Verify check on all job seekers.

From Breitbart

During that manhunt, prosecutors claim seven of Perez Arriaga’s illegal alien friends and family members allegedly aided him in his attempt to flee to Mexico. They include:

  • Arriaga’s brother, 34-year-old Conrado Virgen Arriaga
  • Arriaga’s brother, 25-year-old Adrian Virgen
  • Arriaga’s girlfriend, 30-year-old Ana Leyde Cervantes
  • Arriaga’s co-worker, 35-year-old Erik Razo Quiroz
  • Arriaga’s family member, 59-year-old Bernabe Madrigal Castaneda
  • Arriaga’s family member, 57-year-old Maria Luisa Moreno
  • Arriaga’s co-worker, 36-year-old Erasmo Villegas

A new nine-count indictment by a federal grand jury hits those seven alleged illegal aliens with additional charges, this time with using false Social Security numbers and fake IDs to avoid deportation out of the U.S.

Arriaga’s two brothers are charged with using fake Social Security numbers as well as fake green cards in order to work in the country. Meanwhile, one of Arriaga’s co-workers is charged with using a fake Social Security number to work in the U.S.

Why did we ever do away with the road gangs? That was good because they were more unlikely to return than to some of the holiday prisons they have now.