BAM! Trump Moves Into Position, Readying For Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan

First, he moves North and South Korea closer and closer to peace… now, our President is poised to bring about and “finalizing” its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, according to White House Officials.

If our POTUS can pull this one off, too, Trump Derangement Syndrome needs to be labeled as an official mental illness if you ask me. If our POTUS manages to pull this one off, too, then there will be no question that he is perhaps the greatest President ever elected to run our country.

Know that this is not me being a Trump fanboy, no. If I thought Trump was doing a bad job, I would happily call him out. I’m a conservative but I’m a realist, too.

If Trump manages to pull off two impossibles like this during his first term, along with his already-long-list of WINS as POTUS well.. will you doubt his legacy?

As reported by Free Beacon:

As the United States takes a historic step towards recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a point vehemently protested by Palestinian leaders, the senior administration official told the Free Beacon that this new reality is not being viewed as an impediment to peace.

The United States is in the “late phase,” in fact, of finalizing its peace plan that will be presented to both sides in the coming months.

The plan has been in the works for at least the past year, according to Trump administration officials, and will be presented “when the time is right.”

“We’ve been working hard and want to give the plan the best chance for success,” a senior administration official told the Free Beacon. “We want to get a lasting deal that is livable for both parties.”

Details of the plan are being kept tightly under wraps, but it is expected a public rollout of the peace plan will arrive within the next month to two months, sources said.

“We’re not going to preview elements of the plan because no one is going to like everything in it—so anything you reveal is going to make someone angry because it will not be in context,” the administration official said, explaining that the Trump administration is being extremely sensitive to both sides.

However, it has become clear since Trump announced the embassy move that the United States is standing firmly behind a new reality—that Jerusalem is, in fact, Israel’s capital—a declaration that has reversed longstanding U.S. policy on the matter, particularly that of the Obama administration, which routinely declined to state that Jerusalem is part of Israel proper.

The embassy opening “makes clear what our position is and our priorities and a recognition of reality,” the senior White House official said. “It is our hope that recognition for the Palestinians that Israel isn’t going away is going to be clarifying for them.”