ATTENTION Fight For $15 People, Your Replacements Have Arrived


CaliBurger, based out of Pasadena, just unveiled it’s newest employee — one who doesn’t demand higher pay for a job requiring no skills, never gets skip, hurt on the job, and much more…

Meet Flippy! The burger flipping robot!

John Miller, CEO of the Cali Group seems enthusiastic about this… stating how this will ensure consistency in their products.

“The key to success in the restaurant industry is consistency. So anytime you go to a CaliBurger anywhere you know that the patty will be cooked exactly the same,” Miller told KTLA5.

Flippy was developed by Miso Robots and sold for a mere $60,000 and in California terms, it cost less than two minimum wage workers for one year and again — doesn’t get sick and call out, doesn’t demand higher pay…

The robot uses thermal imaging as well as 3rd and cameras to determine when to flip and remove burgers from the grill, it’s sensors can tell the size and temperature of the burger and has a sort of artificial intelligence to learn to do new tasks.

While Flippy is pretty freaking advanced, he still needs a human to place the patties on the grill and fix them up with all the trimmings, at least for now.

“The kitchen of the future will always have people in it, but we see that kitchen as having people and robots,” said Miso CEO David Zito, who sees the robot as a way to cut costs and render aid to what is a “hot, greasy, dirty” job.

“This technology is not about replacing jobs – we see Flippy as that third hand,” Zito said.

Look… I’m all for fair pay but I always emphasize the FAIR part. Many of the people working fast food jobs are on some form of welfare and raising their pay may help a burdened system but $15 an hour?!