You Won’t Believe Who Wants To Run in 2020 To “Unite” Our Country

So far, the Democrats are looking at a field of candidates a mile long and on Thursday another potential candidate said he is willing to run for president because he says he can unite the country just like his boss did.

That part might be right. I believe he could be every bit the uniter the racist Barack Obama was. Eric Holder said that he is considering running for president.

He said if he did, he would run as someone who can unite the country. The reason he said he might not run is the strain it would put on his family.

Yeah, the Philadelphia Black Panther decision and Fast and Furious could be brought up a time or two. That might prove to be a little worrisome. No one in their right mind would vote for him but as a democrat that would provide no impediment to him, considering how few liberals are in their right mind.

From The Daily Caller

Holder said “If I were gonna do it, I’d do it because I would have concluded that maybe I could unify the country… help unify the country.” Holder said he could also “advance” and “repair” the country as president.

Holder said, “I had something to contribute, that would be the thing that would push me toward considering a run.”

Holder said that the strain on his family would be the reason he would not run for president. The former attorney general noted that his family would regularly be bothered by the news stories and hearings that surrounded his contentious helm at the AG position.

Holder has speculated on a 2020 run in the past few months in various interviews.

He could always call in his favor to the Black Panthers and get them to hang out at all the polling places with weapons like they did in Philadelphia.