Whistleblower Drops Bomb, Alleged Soros Funded Prosecutor Facing Bribery Charges

A whistleblower is alleging that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is being investigated for bribery charges.

Gardner is currently litigating a case against Republican Governor Eric Greitens over charges of taking an illicit picture of his lover. The mistress offered no proof and had, in fact, asked that no case be prosecuted because there is no evidence or proof that anything ever happened to her.

George Soros bought her seat for her and since taking office she has concentrated on prosecuting police, not criminals.

From Mopns

– On November 14th, 2016, Marc Lazar, a convicted child rapist, was arrested by St. Louis city police. He was charged with two felony counts of selling liquor without a license. His wife, Katherine Lazar, would also be charged in the same high-end wine scheme, in which they illegally sell expensive wine without a license and avoid paying sales tax on the transaction.

– Then, early last fall, the Lazars met with Kim Gardner and several members of her staff, including the prosecutor of this case. In this meeting, Marc Lazar made an offer to Ms. Gardner that if her office dropped the case, he would ensure that what would have been the sales tax of tens of millions of dollars in illegal sales “found its way” to her.

The prosecutor in the case was so upset by the offer and the fact that Gardner did not turn down the deal that she,  Ramona Gau, went back to her office and wrote a memo detailing what happened at the meeting.

Gardner never notified authorities about the bribery offer and Feb 6th, 2018, the case against Lazar and his wife was dropped just two weeks before his trial. The case was considered a slam dunk.

More From Mopsn

 On February 6th, 2018, the Circuit Attorney unexpectedly dropped all charges against the Lazar’s, just two weeks before their trial was set to begin. As a professional in this field, I cannot emphasize enough how odd this is. A case involving several millions of dollars, high-profile defendants (including one with a prior felony record), and hundreds of hours of investigatory and legal work doesn’t simply get dropped days before a trial.

There is always an attempt to reach a settlement, some variance of a plea bargain, issue a fine, offer a suspended sentence, etc.

– In this case, nothing of the sort happened. It was, in legal terms, “nolle prosequi”—a term in the Court that means the prosecutor is abandoning all charges. In other words, it’s like the case never existed. Even the spokesperson for the CAO’s office could not offer a reason why the case was dropped.

After the case was dropped, the whistleblower alleged that the FBI got involved and question staffers in Gardner’s office.

The testimony from Ms. Gau was so compelling, she was asked to speak to the US attorney according to the whistleblower.