Watch Maria Bartiromo Destroy Liberal Democrat Rep. Jim Himes on Fake Russian Collusion

It’s a good idea to never anger Maria Bartiromo. Far left loom, Rep Jim Himes found that out when he tried to lie on her program. Himes lied and said that Don Jr summoned the Russians to Trump Tower.

Bartiromo did not let him get away with that and pointed out that the Russians contacted him. Stung by that rebuke, he tried another lie, but trying to slip a lie past Bartiromo is harder than trying to sneak a steak past a pit bull. He said that campaign workers are going to jail over collusion.

Bartiromo slapped him down again, pointing out that none of the convictions had anything to do with collusion.

Here is a partial transcript:

Maria Bartiromo: let’s be honest… I only bring this up because we have this constant talk of collusion in the zeitgeist and we still have yet to see any real evidence. So at some point the American people need some honesty… No, you say you have circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. I have not heard it yet. I’d like to hear the facts. Are you just saying that to put it out there in the zeitgeist so everybody is thinking maybe, maybe not? But the truth is there’s nothing. And there hasn’t been anything in a year and a half, Congressman.

Rep. Jim Himes: OK, let me try one more time. The president’s son asked the Russians to Trump Tower for a meeting…

Maria Bartiromo: Actually, I believe the story is that THEY contacted Donald Trump Jr. He didn’t contact them. They contacted him.

Rep. Jim Himes: …Maria, how many of the president’s people are now going to jail for lying about contacts with Russians? Why do you lie about contacts with Russians?

Maria Bartiromo: The contacts have NOTHING TO DO with collusion. You know that…