WATCH Antifa Crashes Conservative Party and Run Away Like Sissies

A funny thing happened to Antifa just as they were about to disrupt the party when a group confronted them without fear. They then followed the advice of King Arthur.

From The Gateway Pundit

One of the Antifa leaders, Lacy MacAuley posted to her Twitter account earlier Saturday telling her troops to protest the ‘Fascists’.


Antifa looks like a bunch of low energy losers. The left-wing violent group donned their usual black masks to conceal their identity.

Security officers were standing between Trump supporters and the Antifa mob.

Trump supporters responded to Antifa by singing the National Anthem.

There were no violent altercations between the two groups at the time of this publication.

Just before Antifa ran away the Conservatives serenaded the Antifa’s with an inspiring rendition of the National Anthem. Antifa took a knee naturally. They never figured they would find people willing to meet their violence with violence of their own. As result, no fighting took place. They just ran away.

As reported by Fox News:

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the American Antifa movement has gone into overdrive, shutting down speeches and rallies, and spreading mayhem across the U.S.

And now here comes author Mark Bray – a lecturer at Dartmouth College and an Occupy Wall Street organizer – attempting to give philosophical justification to a movement so certain of its righteousness that it’s not going to let a little thing like free speech get in the way.

Bray spends most of his time tracing the history of the movement, but finally gets to the heart of the matter, and the argument isn’t hard to follow. In essence: tolerance and reason don’t work, and you don’t wait for a small problem to get bigger, so let’s start beating heads.