Washington Times: ‘Secret Empires’ Reveals Seedy Side of DC Denizens

The Washington Post reviewed “Secret Empires” by  Peter Schweizer. The full title is Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and FriendsThe reviewer, Fred J. Eckert, found the revelations inside the book to be shocking, startling, stunning and sickening.

The book explains how politicians and their families have gotten rich by kowtowing to powerful overseas interests.

From the review:

The astonishing widespread massive corruption of some of the biggest names in American politics that Peter Schweizer reveals in his new blockbuster expose is shocking, startling, stunning — and sickening.

“Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” is an insightful and extraordinarily consequential book that should ignite a national uproar.

Don’t hold your breath. Our national media can be expected to do all in its power to suppress the possibility of any uproar — even when the corruption is this vast. It’s what they’re best at — covering up their own malfeasance and protecting politicians with whose ideology they’ve allied themselves.

One of the biggest scandals in American history was swirling around us. Leading U.S. government figures were embracing corruption. Foreign governments were colluding with American sleazes to hurt our country. Family and friends of these key political figures conspired as middlemen between foreign interests seeking influence and these enormously influential U.S. government officials.

The reason the media will refuse to cover this story is that two of their own, Joe Biden and John Kerry are knee deep in this scandal. In fact, both are involved in at lead two deals that turned out to be very lucrative.

In a deal with China, Biden’s son and Kerry’s stepson made a fortune figured to be worth millions to them personally when China invested in a couple of multi-billion dollar equity deals:

While Joe Biden and John Kerry were negotiating sensitive diplomatic deals with the Chinese government, on the sidelines stood two new business partners with little expertise in China or even their new field — Vice President Biden’s son and Secretary Kerry’s step-son. The Chinese were delighted with the deals and for the U.S. making no real issue of China’s illegal, brazen creation of a new military base in international waters

Then — talk about coincidence — the Chinese bestowed upon the two sons unprecedented and incredibly lucrative business concessions. These include a couple of multi-billion-dollar equity deals. How many millions went into the pockets of the sons? It’s hidden. And they and their fathers refuse to answer questions about it. Note: U.S. anti-corruption law prohibits American companies from hiring or doing business deals with the children of foreign officials; it does not, however, prohibit foreign entities from doing business with the children of American officials.

The second deal involved Biden and Kerry themselves with a Russian Oligarch involving sneaking a few billion into the Ukrainian government including the US taxpayers guaranteeing a 1.8 billion dollar loan.

• Joe Biden and John Kerry funneled a few billion dollars to the corrupt government of Ukraine, including having U.S. taxpayers guarantee $1.8 billion in loans. The money flowed through a bank controlled by a controversial oligarch who had been banned from entering the United States. Joe Biden’s son teamed up with him, the ban was lifted — and, oh, more than $1 billion of the funds for Ukraine simply vanished from the oligarch’s bank.

When will Rod Rosenstein appoint a special prosecutor to investigate these collusion episodes? I’m just kidding, they have the right initials after their names.

Let’s hope they drag Sessions out of the DOJ and appoint someone that the Deep State doesn’t have any dirt on.