Liberal Mag Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim Against Donald Trump And Possible Terror Attack

VOX, a major purveyor of fake news is reporting that President has a plan for the 2018 elections that depends on a terrorist attack on the United States.

Good thing that VOX has no credibility because they would have lost it the moment this fake news story came out. VOX claims that Donald Trump is wishing for a terrorist attack like the one on 9/11. Sound unbelievable? Maybe it is because they made the whole thing up.

The only thing they based the story on is that when told that the party in power always loses the midterm election, President Trump pointed out that it didn’t happen in 2002.

Matthew Yglesias, a mental midget, oops excuse me, I forgot to be PC..mental little person, wrote that because he believes that Republicans won in 2002 was because of 9/11, Trump obviously is wishing for a 9/11 type of attack that will allow Republicans to win in 2018.

“If Trump thinks a terrorist attack would serve his political interests — either through a blind rally-’round-the-flag effect or by specifically validating anti-immigrant demagoguery or what have you — how hard is he really working to keep the country safe?” 

Mr Yglesias, please answer a question for me and a friend. My friend claims you wrote that piece of garbage because you are fake news. I disagree. it is my contention that you are severely retarded. Please answer ASAP as we have five bucks riding on your answer.

From The Daily Caller

In an article titled “Donald Trump’s terrifying plan to win the 2018 midterms,” Matthew Yglesias speculated that Trump hopes terrorists attack the U.S. because it would help him politically.

Yglesias got this wild assertion from a Washington Post report that states Trump is hopeful about the 2018 midterms because George W. Bush and Republicans fared better in 2002 than expected. Those results were partially due to the Sept. 11 attacks, but there is no indication that Trump was suggesting he wanted the same to happen now or that he even referenced the attacks at all.

Such is life under President Trump and an unhinged media.