Trump Transition Team Member Names Members of Deep State

Robert Wasinger, who was an integral part of the Trump transition team, especially within the State Department is not happy about NeverTrumpers who are embedded in the government and he wants to see them removed and replaced by people who will push the Trump agenda.

Not only did he complain about the Deep State, he also named names of precisely who he was talking about.

He says that they have locked out real Trump supporters who helped him get elected and keeping them out of the administration

From Breitbart

One target of Wasinger’s ire was State Department Senior Policy Adviser Brian Hook, a Rex Tillerson ally with a reputation of being fiercely critical of the populist-nationalist politics that swept Donald Trump into the White House.

“One person that was appointed in policy and planning was a guy named Brian Hook,” he told Boyle and House. “He is firmly committed – at least what he tells people in the building – to renewing the Iran nuclear deal. And I can’t find anyone in the White House who shares that view.”

“Before he came to the administration, he founded the [John] Hay [Initiative], which instituted a NeverTrump letter that went out that was signed by a lot of people,” Wasinger noted. “He didn’t sign it, but he’s there pushing these agenda items that are completely at odds with what the president campaigned on and what the president wants to do.”

There is another member of the NeverTrumpers at the State Department who Wasinger says is even more dangerous. Her name is  Carrie Cabelka. She has effectively locked out Trump supporters or cut their pay in an effort to force them to quit while giving herself a huge campaign bump.

In their place, according to Wasinger, Cabelka has championed candidates like acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Susan Thornton whom Wasinger described as a “leftist career foreign service officer.” He expanded on that saying, “Carrie Cabelka’s the tip of the spear in keeping out our people and getting in establishment career types.

You know, quite frankly, we campaigned against them. I think the president should set up a basic test … I think people that work for him should have at least voted for him. … I just can’t imagine that these people did.”

Wasinger said that anyone coming to work in the Trump administration should have at least voted for him.

Hopefully, Pompeo will clean house of the establishment and the Deep State.