Trump is Right..Study Proves Media Bias Against Trump

The Pew Research Center prepared a report on the media bias against President Donald Trump. In the report it shows the contrast of how the media has bashed Trump compared to the last three presidents. During his first 6o days in his presidency, stories favoring Trump was at only 5%. This compares to Obama’s 42%, Bush’s 22% and Clinton’s 27%. On the negative side, Trump was at 62%, Obama’s 20% and Bush and Clinton tied at 28%. That means that Obama had more than 8 times the amount of positive news stories compared to President Trump. On the negative side Trump outpaced Obama by 3 to 1. Considering the fact that the media is overwhelmingly liberal, it all makes sense.

But this also has a funny side to it. It means that all the media hysteria over a candidate because he actually keeping his promises amounts to nothing with voters who have come to realize you cannot trust the liberal press. Much to the media’s dismay, after exerting all their energy in 2009, boosting Barack Obama and 2017 bashing Donald Trump and pointing to his dismal polling record, the two are tied at the same point in both presidencies with 46 favorable and 53% negative. The press discovered that there sphere of influence is no longer what it once was when they had no competition and could hide the positives for Republicans and the negatives of liberals.

From The Washington Examiner

“About six-in-ten stories on Trump’s early days in office had a negative assessment, about three times more than in early coverage for Obama and roughly twice that of Bush and Clinton. Coverage of Trump’s early time in office moved further away from a focus on the policy agenda and more toward character and leadership,” said Pew.

The report about the harsh media coverage was included in Pew’s year-ending report titled “17 Striking Findings From 2017.

The media story reviewed the tone of coverage of Trump’s first 60 days in office and found that just 5 percent was “positive.”

By comparison, Obama’s coverage was 42 percent positive.

The difference is that unlike Mitt Romney and John McCain, President Trump has refused to be a punching bag for the press and that he calls out their lies on an almost daily basis. The deranged press hasn’t done themselves any favors. When President Trump made a trip to Texas to assess the damages and to ensure it’s residents that he was ready to take action on their behalf, the media chose to concentrate on the fact that Melania wore heels when she boarded for the tripm to Texas, even though she was wearing the more appropriate tennis shoes when she arrived.

Imagine where Trump’s approval rating might be without all the fake news spewed by MSNBC, CNN, the NYT and WaPo.