Trump and Pence Make One Heck Of A Team!

Trump is making major moves, keeping campaign promises and working to Make America Great Again!

We all know it, we all see it… POTUS is front and center and not afraid to take on ANYONE! So what the heck as Mike Pence been doing? He’s out of sight and seemingly out of mind.

The two have seemingly been playing the game and making big plans. It feels almost orchestrated. Trump has kept the media on him and Pence… well Mike Pence has been busy globetrotting. Getting our country’s most influential people together for some one-on-one time and private gatherings.

And at the center of this are his dinner’s at the grounds of the Navel Observatory in Washington, the VP’s official residence where he and his wife have drawn roughly 40 guests including hedge fund managers, influential GOP’ers, and more.

These are some of the same people that, in essence, helped get Trump elected and as we now know was the best thing for our Country.

According to this report: “If nothing else, the assiduous donor maintenance by Mr. Pence and his team reflects his acceptance of a Washington reality that Mr. Trump sharply criticized during the campaign, when he assailed some of his party’s most generous donors as puppet masters who manipulated the political process to further their own interests at the expense of working people.Mr. Trump frequently said that because of his own real estate fortune, he didn’t need or want support from wealthy donors or the political groups known as “super PACs,” to which donors can give seven-figure donations and which Mr. Trump blasted as “very corrupt.””

“Mike Pence is the ultimate team player and works every day to help the president succeed,” said Robert T. Grand, an Indianapolis lawyer who helped raise money for Mr. Pence’s campaigns in Indiana for Congress and for governor. Mr. Grand attended a dinner at the vice president’s residence in June. “There were a lot of folks who, if you were vice president, you would want to meet,’’ Mr. Grand said. “Corporate executives, other government leaders, people from past administrations, not just donors.”

He added that “any administration, past and present, has an interest in getting to know folks. If you’re an incumbent president and vice president, then that’s part of what you do.”

They understand to keep things moving, you have to keep some people in the circle, in the loop. Trump is working with the shakers and movers in our country to get things done and Pence… well he’s a team player. He’s game, and he’s on board. Who knows… maybe we’ll see Pence 2024!