Trump Accuser Destroyed After Video is Produced Proving That She Lied [VIDEO]

Alva Johnson worked on President Trump’s campaign in 2016 and after he won she sought a job in the White House and none was offered to her.

She then hired a lawyer and sued the president, claiming he forcibly kissed her and that when she turned her head away from him, he ended up kissing the corner of her mouth.

Many of the people who were on the plane claimed it never happened, but since there was no video, it became a “he said, she said” thing. Now, her case is in the Johnny flusher because it turns out there is a video and it is not kind to Johnson, who now admits the video is the actual depiction of her complaint.

From The Daily Caller

Politico first reported on the Harder filing.

In the initial suit, Johnson alleged that Trump “grasped her hand and did not let go.”

“[H]e tightened his grip on Ms. Johnson’s hand and leaned towards her. He moved close enough that she could feel his breath on her skin,” the lawsuit reads.

Johnson said she “suddenly realized that Defendant Trump was trying to kiss her on the mouth, and attempted to avoid this by turning her head to the right. Defendant Trump kissed her anyway, and the kiss landed on the corner of her mouth.” 

The video, which was recorded by Brian Hayes, a campaign volunteer, shows Trump among a group that included Johnson, campaign workers, law enforcement officers and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

As Trump appears to be speaking to an unidentified man, Johnson is heard off camera telling Trump that she had been “away from my family for eight months for you.”

Trump turns toward Johnson and places his hands on her shoulders, while kissing her lightly on her right cheek.

Johnson smiled and said, “Eight months for you.”