Transgender Woman Vents Against Gynecologist That Refused to Treat Her Because She Has No Vagina

Wold you get angry because an auto mechanic refused to do business with you because you have no car? Would you get mad at a roffer because he denied you service because you have no house? Well, Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv got angry at a gynecologist that refused to treat her just because she has no vagina.

You may remember Yaniv from a while back after she filed a complaint against several beauty salons because they refused to wax her cojones. She also tried to set up a pool party where young girls would go topless and parents were not allowed to attend.



From The Gateway Pundit

First “Jessica” was on a mission to force female estheticians to wax his balls, now he’s furious that a gynecologist refused to treat him because he’s a biological male.

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a biological male so he does not have female reproductive organs, but he took to Twitter to express how “shocked, confused and hurt” he was that a gynecologist refused to treat him.

Yaniv, a Canadian, previously sued female estheticians who refused to give him a Brazilian wax on his balls — he lost the lawsuits so now he’s onto the next attention seeking mission.

Yaniv, a biological male was also caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage teenagers and even expressed how he would assist 10-year-old girls who needed help with their menstrual cycles.

He also applied for a permit to throw a topless pool party for underage girls and said the parents would be barred from attending.