Who was British Spy Christopher Steele REALLY Working For?!

It apparently seems so. Sen Tom Cotton asked director Christopher Wray if Christopher Steele was working for Russian Oligarch while at the same time working for Fusion GPS.

When Wray said he couldn’t answer it, Cotton asked if he could answer in a classified session. Wray said that he could say more in that type of setting. If Steele did not work for the Oligarch there would be nothing more to say. And when you hear who the oligarch is, you may see a light flash inside your head.

The oligarch was  Oleg Deripaska. Does that name ring a bell? If not, let me refresh your memory. When Sen John Warner wanted to contact Christopher Steele, he reached out to Adam Waldman, the lobbyist working for Deripaska. This brings up two very important questions.

First, “Why would Warner contact a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch to make contact with Steele?” and more importantly, “How did Warner know to contact a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch in order to contact Steele?” That would seem to infer that Democrats were very much aware that Steele got his information for the fake Hillary dossier from the Kremlin itself. I mean, they already owned Hillary, why would they want Trump?

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Senator Tom Cotton asked FBI Director Christopher Wray if Fusion GPS ‘reporter’ was working for Russian oligarch Oleg Derispaska.
Director Wray would not answer in the open hearing.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Mr. Wray are you aware of a gentleman by the name of Oleg Derispaska?

FBI Chief Christopher Wray: I’ve heard the name.

Cotton: Is it fair to call him a Putin-linked Russian oligarch.

Wray: Well I’ll leave that characterization to others and certainly not in this setting.

Cotton: Chuck Grassley the chairman of the Judiciary Committee last week sent a letter to a London based lawyer who represents Derispaska and asked if Mr Steele was employed either directly or indirectly by Oleg Derispaska at the time he was running the Steele dossier. Do you know if Christopher Steele worked for Oleg Derispaska?

Wray: That’s not something I can answer.

Cotton: Could we discuss it in a classified setting?:

Wray: There might be more we can say there.

Cotton: Thank you.

Waldman has made at least 2.36 million dollars working for Deripaska. Here is more information on ties between Steele and Deripaska.