THREATS WORK: Mexico Sending Troops to Guatemalan Border and Has Sent More to Stop Caravan Inside Mexico

<> on January 10, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Much to the dismay of Democrats and the feckless Republicans in the Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, just the threat of tariffs has woken Mexico to the fact that they must stop being a conduit for illegal aliens entering the United States.

Mexico is in the process of sending troops to the Guatemalan border, to stop the caravans from entering their country and has dispatched four thousand more to intercept a caravan of 1,000 already in Mexico. That was quick. But it also illustrates why Trump’s accomplishments are so great. He not only has to fight the Democrats and the press but the cowardly curs that call themselves Republicans in the House and Senate.

This is my wish for 2020. I wish that every fake Conservative, aka RINOs, get primaried and beaten and are replaced with MAGA warriors so that when we take back the House, these fakers are gone. That also means that Mitch McConnell is replaced as Senate majority leader. McConnell publicly announced that Senate Republicans would not back the president on his tariff threats.

Even so, those threats were successful. Success is not something RINOs and McConnell are familiar with.

From The Gateway Pundit

“While the vast majority of the migrants complied with law enforcement directives and boarded buses and immigration agency vehicles, some resisted and were wrestled to the ground by unarmed agents,” the Daily Mail wrote.

An immigration official at the site who was not authorized to speak publicly said the migrants would initially be taken to an immigration detention center in Tapachula. It appeared 600 to 800 migrants were being transported.

Mexico’s effort to curtail the constant flow of Central American migrants from its southern border with Guatemala was its latest response to threats from President Trump, who has promised to impose high tariffs on America’s southern neighbor if it fails to put an end to illegal immigration. …

Frustrated by the lack of progress on a signature issue from his 2016 election campaign, Trump unexpectedly told Mexico last week to take a harder line on curbing illegal immigration or face five percent tariffs on all its exports to the United States, rising to as much as 25 percent later in the year.

President Trump is fighting for the American people, while the Democrats, the media and the RINOs fight for the status quo.