This Young Woman Posed For Photos With Her Firearm, And An ABC News Affiliate Called The Police

Brenna Spencer / Twitter

ABC had a liberal moment when they thought they were going to nail Brenna Spencer, who is a senior at the University of Tennessee, for the sole fact that she posed for some graduation photos with, GASP, the gun she is licensed to conceal carry.

The problem with their logic? This young woman is well within her legal rights.

All the ABC Affiliate managed to do is make themselves look small and petty. Come to think of it, that was no change at all from their usual stature. Brenna Spenser is a proud pro-gun rights young lady with a degree in communications and her beauty matches her brains.

“I don’t take normal college graduation photos…”

From The Conservative Tribune

One critic of the picture alleged that Spencer broke the law by having her weapon visible at Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of American Art. Spencer was standing outside of the museum when the photo was taken.

That same person even posted a screenshot of an article from, which lists the Hunter Museum of American Art as being among the museums that does not allow citizens to carry firearms on its grounds.

WTVC, the ABC News affiliate in Chattanooga, contacted the Chattanooga Police Department about the legality of Spencer’s picture, but didn’t receive a reply to their request for a comment.

There is a good reason why they never got a reply. Brenna was completely within her rights. The Affiliate should read the law sometime… While the Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of American Art does indeed have a no gun policy, they are required to post signs to that effect.

“ABC News called the police on my friend, Brenna Spencer (probably hoping to get a better story). Here I am in solidarity with Brenna, also carrying in public. We will NOT allow for Leftist intimidation tactics to hinder our inalienable #2A rights.”


The news affiliate was undoubtedly ready to pounce on Spencer and make it into a major news story but like all libs, they failed to think before acting.