This Professor Spewed Hate But It’s the Student Facing Expulsion

Zack Butler, a junior studying political science,at Sienna College in Loudonville, NY near Albany may soon be expelled for sharing an email from a professor spewing hatred at all conservatives.

Even though the email was publicly available, the school has decided to bring charges against Butler. After seeing the letter, Butler made 600 flyers and distributed them.

The odd thing is that the professor who wrote the hateful email is not under investigation which is why Butler decided to make up the flyers after the school blew him off.

The letter:

Free speech is now evil and those who want to use their freedom of speech are deplorable. Certainly nothing hateful or derogatory about the email is there?

So, let me get this straight, writing a hateful email and admitting you are biased against your conservative students is fine but pointing out someone wrote such a hateful letter could be expelled? Let the murderer go free and give the witness a drug cocktail.

From Breitbart

In a scathing essay in defense of Zack Butler, another college student from New Jersey, Alex Cucciniello, wrote that the only individuals negatively affecting the campus community are “the intolerant academics and administrators” who foster “a hostile environment for students who don’t share their worldview.”

The free speech conference that so upset Professor McErlean is titled “Let Freedom Ring” and will take place on Sunday, April 15, as planned. The event features prominent conservatives such as James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas; Christian Ragosta of the National Rifle Association; and author and conservative commentator Roger Stone.

There have been complaints at the college that there is bias against conservative students who refuse to toe the liberal line for years and this letter just proves the fact that those who have complained have legitimate concerns in that area.

Colleges used to reward students who knew how to think for themselves but now you can be kicked out of college for that.