The French May Finally Be Fed Up With Their Own Immigration Policies

The French, who welcomed Muslim immigrants and refugees have had enough of the attacks on Christians and Jews in their country, are now demanding that Muslim leaders denounce the traditional tenets of Islam that teaches attacking “infidels” is their moral duty.

But what did they expect? Muslims seem to rarely assimilate into the countries they enter. They try to force you to assimilate with them. That is why our president has initiated travel bans that keep getting shot down by liberal judges.

Attacks against Christians and Jews have reached epidemic proportions. They need to learn the lesson this country has.

We have enough violent people without importing more. That’s why our president has issued temporary travel bans that liberal judges keep throwing out and then get overruled on.

In the letter is one common sense solution I wish we would adopt in this country and that is that Muslims are a protected class that cannot be criticized no matter what atrocity they commit. Liberals have no problem condemning Christianity (They booed God twice during the Democratic National Convention) and Jews but can’t bring themselves to do the same thing for Islamic terrorists.

Sadly, it may be too late to save all of the countries in Europe.

From The Conservative Tribune

“A group of 300 French politicians and artists demanded prominent Muslim leaders denounce Islamic anti-Semitism and declare anti-Christian and anti-Jewish verses in the Quran outdated,” reported The Daily Caller.

“Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, actor Gerard Depardieu and singer Charles Aznavour numbered among the group, which issued a manifesto in Le Parisien newspaper on Sunday,” the outlet continued.

The manifesto is meant to take on a disturbing trend in France that America has been well aware of since at least 9/11, which is Islamic teachings are being used to justify violence and the persecution of other religions, especially Jews and Christians.