The Evolution of Democrats on the Border Crises [VIDEO]

The Washington Free Beacon put together a hilarious video about the evolution of the Democratic party from denying there is a crisis to admitting there is a crisis but that President Trump caused it.

It is really telling that they finally came around but still won’t admit they were wrong in the first place. The truth is that they knew they were lying, but they could not admit to it since they are committed to open borders and defending illegal aliens against American citizens.

Or should I say defending illegal aliens instead of American citizens?

From The Conservative Tribune

Since before he was even elected, then-candidate, now-President Donald Trump has long called attention to and highlighted the humanitarian and national security crisis at the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Trump even went so far as to engage in a prolonged standoff with Democrats and a partial government shutdown in order to obtain the necessary funding to properly address the crisis with increased border security infrastructure and more resources for dealing with the growing numbers of illegal aliens coming across the border.

At the time of the shutdown, elected Democrats and prominent liberal media figures summarily dismissed Trump’s insistence of a “crisis” at the border and asserted that there was no crisis whatsoever, or, at best, a “manufactured crisis” solely of President Trump’s creation.

But almost overnight, those same elected Democrats and media talking heads have suddenly embraced the term “crisis” to describe the current situation at the border.

The Washington Free Beacon just compiled a hilarious “that was then, this is now” video featuring many of those prominent figures offering up contradictory statements back-to-back on the matter.