Taliban Begs American Voters For Help Against Trump

You know the Taliban is scared when just one year into his presidency, the terrorists have to beg American voters to stop Trump from wiping them out.

The Democrats will hear and obey but Americans with an IQ above 15 won’t. The Congressional Black Caucus may put forth a bill calling for Trump to let the Taliban win or at least offer a new impeachment bill based on Trump’s bullying of the terrorists.

The tide has turned against the Taliban since President Trump took office and began reversing everything that Obama did. We are now going after their poppy fields and drug labs and the rules of engagement have also been altered just like Trump did in Iraq/Syria that led to the downfall of ISIS.

They now see the writing on the wall, and they don’t like it.

From The Conservative Tribune

Instead of continuing to duke it out for years on end, the Taliban is now begging the American people, non-governmental organizations and institutions and “peace-loving” members of Congress to somehow put a stop to Trump’s strategy and allow for peace talks to take place — a seemingly sure sign that the new strategy is having the desired effect.

To that point, the U.K. Guardian noted a response to the letter from the U.S. State Department which suggested that both the American and Afghan governments were open to peace talks, but only if the Taliban took the first step of ending its campaign of violence.

A State representative told The Guardian:

“The Taliban statement alone does not show willingness to engage in peace talks. The Taliban’s recent horrific terror attacks in Kabul speak louder than these words. The Afghan government can only negotiate to end the war if the Taliban are ready. The recent attacks show this is not the case.”

The Taliban has seen its forces depleted and they’re reaching out to Americans appears to be a cry for help. Though the letter appears to be defiant, there is no mistaking the desperation behind their message.

Their funds have been drastically cut as we slowly but surely cut the revenue pipeline Obama allowed to stand for eight years.