Student Suspended From School For Not Participating in the Gun Walk Out

Jacob Shoemaker a Hilliard, Ohio, senior was suspended for refusing to leave the classroom while the March 14 gun control walkout occurred.

He was being pressured from both sides of the debate and decided he did not want to take sides, so he refused to leave his seat as his snowflake classmates went outside to protest something they have no clue about.

The school then suspended Shoemaker because they said they were responsible for his safety and since he was unsupervised and refused to go along with the school’s ideology, they suspended him as a warning to others who refuse to be indoctrinated by the unprincipled left.

The school chose up sides between those who favor the Second Amendment and those who don’t. Shoemaker wished to remain neutral. Therefore, he refused to participate in either protest. So does that mean he will get an incomplete in protest?

From The AP:

Hilliard senior Jacob Shoemaker says a school isn’t the place for politics, and he wasn’t taking sides Wednesday.

The district says it’s responsible for students’ safety and they can’t be unsupervised.

Jacob’s citation for not following instructions was shared online by a friend, prompting a flood of messages to his father.

Scott Shoemaker says some people thought his son was suspended for walking out, and angry comments accumulated, including some that mistook Scott for the principal. He says he also got a couple death threats and had to consider switching phone numbers.

The walkout was organized and sponsored by George Soros and the Women’s March. That’s the same Women’s March leaders who cheered on Louis Farrakhan as he spewed his anti-semitic hate.

The protests were supposed to be over the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The walkout was endorsed by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Vladimir Putin.