Still Looking for Truth in Comey’s Book?

Attorney Gregg Jarrett has a warning for James Comey. He has read Comey’s book and he now says that things will not end well for him.

Jarrett, a legal analyst for Fox News has been following the FBI, DOJ, Robert Mueller circus for a while and he said the glaring thing for him is that there are zero facts in the book and that it’s all about Comey whining or as Chris Wallace described it, b*%#hing.

“I obtained a copy of Comey’s book. I’m half way through, but so far there is nothing resembling the truth. I’ll keep searching for something other than self-adoration and puffery. So far, there is no demonstrable truth. Which puts a lie to the title of the book.”

“I’ve finished reading Comey’ book. It’s an easy and superficial read. I saw nothing that was true. I can only conclude that Comey’s version of events is fantasy. It is fiction. Things will end badly for Comey. He stole government documents.”

“Clapper was just on CNN defending Comey. This from a proven liar. Clapper should be in prison for perjury. Obama protected him.”


From The Gateway Pundit

In his new book, Comey personally attacks Trump and appears to be using information from his classified memos.

Comey penned 7 memos stemming from 9 conversations he had with Trump. The FBI deemed the memos to be government documents so Comey was not allowed to take the memos with him after he was fired.

Although 4 out of 7 of the memos contained classified information, experts argue all of Comey’s memos are considered classified.

Comey should not be on a book tour, he should be prosecuted and put in prison.

Comey’s interview with sycophant George Stephanopoulos airs Sunday evening at 10 PM EST on ABC.

Comey gave the memos to a college professor to give to the New York Times and he used them for his book.

But neither Christopher Wray, director of the FBI or Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has done anything about it.