South Korean President Says Trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize

In this Wednesday, May 10, 2017, photo, newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaks during his inauguration ceremony at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea. Moon said Wednesday he was open to visiting rival North Korea under the right conditions to talk about Pyongyang's aggressive pursuit of nuclear-tipped missiles. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon, Pool, File)

South Korean President  Moon Jae-in says that in his mind President Donald Trump, the man Democrats call a war monger, should easily win the Nobel Prize for Peace. Personally, I think Obama will win again. I know many of you will say he’s done nothing to earn one, but let me remind you he did nothing to deserve his first one either. The Nobel Committee is a liberal group and they will allow our president to be nominated for the prize and will probably allow him to be a finalist but I doubt they will actually award him the award. I would be happy to be pleasantly surprised but I’m not counting on it.

From Breitbart News

A pessimist might glumly note that the meeting with Kim Jong-il ultimately went nowhere, relations with North Korea degenerated to the brink of war over the following two decades, and Kim Dae-jung’s successor, Moon Jae-in, is now making headlines by holding his own historic summit with the new North Korean tyrant. Lee Hee-ho is evidently not a pessimist because she sent a message to Moon congratulating him for the diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea and recommending him for the same Nobel prize her late husband received 18 years ago.

Referring to this letter at his meeting on Monday, Moon reportedly said, “It’s President Trump who should receive the Nobel Prize. We only need to take peace.”  

Some media outlets have translated Moon’s comments from Korean in slightly different ways, implying that he was dismissing the Nobel Peace Prize as an unimportant concern.

NPR in their coverage claims that Moon really doesn’t believe it and that he is only stroking his ego to keep him on board in the peace effort.

The New York Times said that Moon is “stoking the ego of the impulsive American leader so that he would continue to support South Korea’s efforts to resolve the North Korean crisis through dialogue.” They also reminded that Trump has been involved in many scandals. (For which there isn’t even a scintilla of proof for)

Let’s face it. Liberals are in a panic over the possibility that Trump will win and upset their war monger claim for the 2020 election.