Soros Backed DA Indicted Popular GOP Governor for a Dream

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who owes her job to big money from George Soros and who is allegedly under investigation for bribery is persecuting (Not misspelled) over a dream and to make it worse, it wasn’t even his dream.

The governor is Eric Greitens and he has been charged with a felony for allegedly taking a compromising photograph of his mistress. It’s important to note here that the woman never went to the police, never filed charges and indeed asked them not to prosecute and invade her privacy.

The accusation is that Greitens tied her up and blindfolded her, took a picture and threatened to release the picture if she told about the affair. The problem is that when the woman testified in court, she didn’t know if a flash went off, she never saw a phone or a camera or a compromising picture and even said that she’s not sure it wasn’t a dream. Gardner has no witnesses, no evidence and the only thing she has is the woman who was no help to her case at all.

Since Soros bought the election for her, Gardner has pretty much laid off the criminals and has devoted her time to trying to prosecute the police.

From Breitbart

The woman who had the dream isn’t to blame. She didn’t initiate the prosecution. She never complained to police. She never brought charges. She never, it seems, thought much about the whole incident.

In a way, her rights have been violated during this investigation too. She was dragged into this mess against her will. Her lawyer begged for privacy when the news first broke, but the prosecutor took that away from her and brought the indictment anyway. She has now, no doubt, had to spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars dealing with the aftermath of something she never wanted in the first place.

The real villain here is the prosecutor and the political and legal professionals who have aided and abetted her. Already, I’ve covered the deeply concerning things about the prosecutor’s conduct in this case and her misbehavior in other cases. And yet, what I covered only scratches the surface. Just days ago, we learned the most shocking detail of all: in a strikingly specific note from a law enforcement whistle-blower, we find out that Kim Gardner is apparently under FBI investigation for bribery.

So, to summarize, a Soros backed Democratic DA has brought charges against a Republican governor based on a dream from a woman who doesn’t even know if any of the things the DA is saying actually happened and to boot there is no evidence of any kind.

This case is obviously driven by politics and the Attorney General of the state, Senate candidate, Josh Hawley needs to open an investigation into her misconduct and now that it is a statewide matter.

The legislature needs to investigate Gardner for her failures in other cases, the ongoing FBI investigation, her obvious misconduct in the Greitens’ prosecution, and her deeply questionable fundraising make this investigation imperative.