Sinclair Producer Quit Over “Lies” But There’s One Hypocritical Fact About Him [VIDEO]

A Sinclair Broadcasting producer who quit over what he called “lies” (reporting fake news from liberal outlets) isn’t quite the neutral journalist CNN and himself pretended to be.

In fact, during his four years at Sinclair, he was leading and attending liberal protest events. His name is Justin Simmons and he is an unapologetic liberal, although you wouldn’t know it by his CNN interview, where he was depicted as a “neutral journalist”.

More fake news brought to you by CNN, the Communist News Network.

From The Daily Caller

KHGI TV producer Justin Simmons resigned following a Sinclair promotion that warned against “fake news” and national media outlets practicing dishonest journalism.

The promo, which was widely condemned among liberal journalists, was “almost forcing local news anchors to lie to their viewers,” Simmons told CNN reporter Brian Stelter.

CNN’s coverage portrayed Simmons’ resignation as part of a broader clash between apolitical local journalists and conservative-leaning Sinclair executives. What CNN’s coverage didn’t note is Simmons is a proud left-wing activist.

In a tweet, Simmons bragged about disrupting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and taking his microphone :

In 2016, Simmons organized a Black Lives matter protest even though he is white.

“Nebraska isn’t going to stand for the systemic racism that we have in our country and in our police force. Most importantly, we want to open people’s minds and show them that the Black Lives Matter Movement is mostly peaceful.”