Shocking Poll Reveals California’s Silent Majority Finally Stepping Forward On Deportation Issue

These are not the numbers you would expect from the ultra-liberal state of California, yet that’s what they according to a far left polling company. 59% of Californians would like to see more deportations and 41% either think we are on the money.

Remember, this is a state that Trump lost by 29%. Imagine what the numbers would be in a state where Donald Trump won.

In other questions via the poll, you got the kind of responses you would expect in a liberal state but not on immigration.

Taxes are another area where the citizens disagree with their elected representatives. 58% say that raising taxes on businesses cause then to move away, taking their jobs with them while 42% actually believes that raising taxes benefits the economy.

That is self-delusion. How mental you have to be to believe that a company won’t move away to save money on taxes and regulations?

When it comes to income inequity, 54% say that government should play a minor role or no role at all, while 46% actually believe the government is the answer to everything.

From Breitbart

While 59 percent of Californians believe it is very (24 percent) or somewhat (35 percent) important to increase deportations of illegals, in the bluer than blue Bay Area, that number holds at 60 percent.

If you are dumb enough to believe the American media, here are some other findings you will consider counter-intuitive:

A full 49 percent of Californians support Trump’s ban on refugees from failed countries (only 51 percent oppose). Even in the Bay Area, 44 percent support Trump’s ban.

Only 54 percent of oh-so lefty, tolerant Californians have a positive view of Muslims.

A full 88 percent say that speaking English is important.

On the issue of assimilation, a huge majority of Californians (73 percent) — including 69 percent of Latinos and 67 percent of blacks — believe that it is “either somewhat or very important to blend into the larger society.”

A majority of 58 percent  believe “raising taxes on corporations would either hurt the California economy or make no difference.”

Only  42 percent believe raising taxes on corporations would “help the California economy.”