SHOCKING Charges Brought Against Rand Paul Attacker

Credit: Gage Skidmore

The coward Rene Boucher has been slapped with felony charges for his November 3rd blind-siding of Kentucky senator Rand Paul (R. KY). Still sticking by his story that this horrendous assault wasn’t politically motivated, instead a dispute between neighbors, Mr. Boucher is now facing up to 10 years in prison and a fine of a quarter million dollars.

Early November Mr. Paul was mowing his lawn while wearing a pair of noise canceling headphones to protect his hearing when Mr. Boucher tackled him from behind and assaulted him. The resulting injuries suggest this was a sustained, deliberate attack: cuts to his face and arms, SIX broken ribs and pneumonia!

Senator Paul may not have too many friends right now on either side of the isle thanks in part to his “No” vote in support of a continuing resolution to fund the federal government, but an attack on one is an attack on all. How can our elected officials be expected to attend town hall style meetings and generally interact with their constituents if they are living in fear of random attacks?

Make no mistake, this should be treated as an act of terrorism because frankly, that is what it is. Senator Paul was out of action for 2 weeks after the attack. What message does that send in a government where measures pass and fail by sometimes a single vote? Is this the beginning of another play in the democrat’s effort to destabilize the Trump administration or is it the work of a disgruntled neighbor who was just sick and tired of a pile of brush on another man’s property like Mr. Boucher would like us to believe?

Gone are the days of civil dialog and friendships despite differences of opinion. In 2018, you’re either one of us or one of them. And it is dangerous ideology like that that can quickly breed extremism. Do not be fooled, Nazis, Taliban and ISIS didn’t sprout up overnight. Conditions on the ground had to be just right for the dehumanization of others to enter the public mind.

Self-help guru and ringmaster, Jerry Springer, used to say, “Take care of yourself, and each other, goodbye.”. Contemplate those words and their meaning before heading out the door tomorrow, and please, wave hello to your neighbor.