SHOCKER? Juan Williams Names 3 Dems He thinks Can Beat Trump

Fox News contributor Juan Williams says that Democrats have three candidates that can beat Donald Trump in 2020. The three he names are Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, and Michelle Obama.

What? No Maxine Waters? My first thought is this. What do any of those three have to offer other than weird leftwing ideology? Will any of them run a campaign ad saying we need to get back to the Obama economy? Back to the Obama foreign policy?

Back to Obama’s surrender to terrorists? Do you actually think any of that would work? Just exactly what do any of these three have to offer?

The theory is that women would go to any of these women in big numbers. I don’t necessarily agree with that. That might have been true in 2016 since Obama had done such a lousy job that anyone would look like an improvement but by 2020 the tax cuts will have put more money in people’s pockets, jobs will be plentiful and though our enemies still won’t like us but they will fear and respect us.

It’s always hard to beat an incumbent but it’s nearly impossible to beat one who has turned the country completely around.

From The Hill 

A black female candidate would attract a lot of attention with a challenge to Trump. Ninety-four percent of black women voted against Trump in 2016 as did 69 percent of Latina women and 43 percent of white women. Women of all races have led the biggest anti-Trump marches.

April Reign, an activist who founded the #OscarsSoWhite campaign, worried during a recent NBC interview that the clamor for a black female presidential candidate could be a trap.

“Stop begging strong black women to be president: Michelle, Oprah, whatever,” Reign said. “It’s weird. And Lord knows when black women try to lead, Y’all attempt to silence and erase us. So how would that work, exactly?”

Michelle might inherit Barack’s tough election machine but by then we will know more about all the laws he broke and God willing, he will be headed to the same federal pen as Hillary. Plus, she would be easy to troll. All you have to do is wave American flags at her. That would flip her out and she might say something like “All of this about some flag?”

Kamala Harris comes off as a jerk and Oprah Winfrey relates more to stay at home women than she does women who work for a living. What people will want in 2020 is more of the same and not more of the failed policies of the past. It is true that perhaps they will get more support among blacks that Hillary did but since they always vote about 93-7 Democratic, there really isn’t much room for improvement.

In fact, the Democratic party does not have a single stand out candidate. Hilary effectively blocked almost every candidate from running in 2008 and 2016. That leaves the Democrats with no one with national stature.

This is just more propaganda from Williams who has seldom been right about anything.