Sessions Latest Threat Against Trump Is Totally Fine With Us

Attorney General Jeff Sessions makes a statement on issues related to visas and travel, Monday, March 6, 2017, from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Attorney general Jeff Sessions says he will quit if Rosenstein is fired. Talk about your win/win scenario. President Trump should fire Rosenberg immediately and use a recess appointment to put Chris Christie in charge of the DOJ.

I see the incoming already. But let me say in my defense that although I am not a fan of his at all when it comes to prosecuting politicians, Chris Christie as a US Attorney charged 130 politicians with corruption and got 130 convictions. You can’t get any better than that. Before you suggest Trey Gowdy, remember two things.

First, he has already said he wouldn’t take the job and number two, he is an open borders kind of guy and is often praised for that by Luis Gutierrez.

If not for Sessions there wouldn’t be any Mueller witch hunt and there would already be charges against FBI and DOJ officials. He is a reliable ally on illegal immigration.

But beyond that, he has been pretty worthless and the fact he is willing to quit over the ousting of Rod Rosenstein, an active member of the Deep State, tells you everything you need to know.

Rosenstein needs to go and if Sessions goes too, that would be the gravy on the mashed potatoes.

The Washington Post reported:

Sessions’ message to the White House, which has not previously been reported, underscores the political firestorm that Trump would invite should he attempt to remove the deputy attorney general. While Trump also has railed against Sessions at times, the protest resignation of an attorney general – which would be likely to incite other departures within the administration – would create a moment of profound crisis for the White House.

In the phone call with McGahn, Sessions wanted details of a meeting Trump and Rosenstein held at the White House on April 12, according to a person with knowledge of the call. Sessions expressed relief to learn that their meeting was largely cordial. Sessions said he would have had to consider leaving as the attorney general had Trump ousted Rosenstein, this person said.

Another person familiar with the exchange said Sessions did not intend to threaten the White House but rather wanted to convey the untenable position that Rosenstein’s firing would put him in.

A Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment.

Rosenstein’s status remains uncertain, but the pressure he is facing seemed to subside after last week.