Sessions Delivers Message To Mueller We’ve All Been Waiting For

Attorney General Jeff Sessions makes a statement on issues related to visas and travel, Monday, March 6, 2017, from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Washington. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Jeff Sessions said on Thursday that Mueller’s investigation into Trump needs to end as the president is busy with some really big issues. He has North Korea, immigration, the border wall and tax cuts as well as eliminating regulations that make no sense.

The ironic thing is that although he recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation, he could rend Mueller’s investigation today without breaking a sweat. That is because Sessions only recused himself from the collusion.

Mueller has failed in that and has moved on to other areas not in his original mandate and from which Sessions has not recused himself. If he would pull the approval for the witch hunt, Mueller would be finished.

Normally, I would say give Sessions the benefit of the doubt that he is waiting for the IG report before appointing a special counsel, but he has had many chances to do the right thing but has not taken advantage of a single one of them. I don’t foresee that changing now.

From The Washington Times

Mr. Sessions also said he expects the Justice Department inspector general to finish his investigation into the department’s and FBI’s handling of investigations into Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election in a “few weeks,” saying that will provide more information for decisions on whether there was wrongdoing.

Testifying to the House on Thursday, Mr. Sessions was pressed by a lawmaker who said he saw a “double standard” in comparing the ongoing special counsel probe into Mr. Trump, while Mr. Sessions has declined to name a second special counsel to review the way the department and the FBI handled Mrs. Clinton.

“At the very root of this, I think my constituents are frustrated, are angry, they see a double standard historically. They want justice,” said Rep. Evan Jenkins, West Virginia Republican, ticking off a number of red flags he said deserved the heightened powers a special counsel should look at.